U of E presents SCOTT SHERMAN, PhD – Incorporating Creativity into the Classroom

RSVP by email to creativity@evansville.edu (You must be logged in as a Tech-on-Tap member to see this e-mail address). You must be registered to attend the afternoon session for educators. 

The University of Evansville invites to attend a Creativity Workshop featuring Dr. Scott Sherman. 

Scott is the Executive Director of the Transformative Action Institute and has developed an internationally acclaimed curriculum based in scientific research that teaches key skills for creativity, innovation, resilience, empathy, emotional intelligence, and transformative action. His curriculum is used in K-12 and higher education institutions around the world. 

Click here to learn more: http://transformativeaction.org/what-we-offer/

Scott has been voted the most popular professor at UCLA and his classes have a waiting list of over 1,000 students. His workshops are fun and interactive as well as educational. 

The afternoon session on “Incorporating Creativity into the Classroom” is open to educators of all types. This session will focus on how to incorporate creativity and transformative action components into your curriculum. You will walk away with concrete tools and materials to help students discover their passions, enhance their creativity, and transform their ideas into action in meaningful ways. See the website for more details: https://www.evansville.edu/globalenterprise/creativity.cfm