Current Blend presents Get Your Idea Off the Couch: Storytelling in a Small Town

5:00 pm Central Time / 6:00 pm Eastern Time

Current Blend is the Coworking and Innovation initiative in Huntingburg, Indiana. If you’ve never been to Huntingburg, you should put it on your list to visit a model small town focused in innovation. This event will be a great opportunity to meet and connect with the folks driving this community innovation.

Have you ever had an idea and spent a lot of time thinking about it while sitting at home on your couch? Did that idea get very far in implementation? We’re guessing not! 

That’s why Current Blend wants to bring people together to “get your idea off the couch” in our Fall 2017 series. 

We have pulled together individuals to share their ideas and hopefully spark your ideas, too. 

We also think that by coming to Current Blend and meeting others, you’ll have a chance to take your idea to the next step! We’ll kick it off on September 7 at 6:00pm (EST) with “Storytelling in a Small Town.” Matt Crane, Owner & Editor of Dubois County Free Press, will share ideas on media, storytelling, and marketing in this roundtable discussion.

Beverages and snacks will be provided.