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Tech on Tap is about facilitating connections between innovators. Collisions between innovators attending our events are yielding an ever stronger Innovation Community. Join our meetup group and check out our upcoming events.

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— Under Construction — Our Tech on Tap community is filled with world class talent just waiting to help with your innovation projects. Check out our directories. Search free for everyone / List free for all Tech-on-Tap members. Find consultants, mentors, interns, tools, materials, facilities and more. Looking for employees? We’ve got that covered too.

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Puzzled by an innovation problem? Collaboration offers the shortest path to conquering innovation challenges. Join Evansville’s collaboration communities – The Station coworking space and The MakerStation makerspace.

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Tech on Tap

A Regional Innovation Collaborative
Innovation Feeders collaborating with Innovation Leaders to build our Innovation Community

Brad Feld is a storied Founder, Funder and Facilitator of Innovation Startup Companies who has spent more than two decades watching Boulder, his adopted home, become a burgeoning Innovation Community. He asked “WHY?”. Among his conclusions was that the formation and growth of innovation communities results from a wide variety of innovation initiatives. Mr. Feld noted the high frequency as well as the variety of times, formats and subject matter of innovation initiatives available in Boulder. People simply keep different schedules and have different interests. Mr. Feld concludes these initiatives could only be consistently generated by entrepreneurial individuals or small groups. Risk takers, nimble enough to seize opportunities and willing to move on if their initiative fails. These he terms “LEADERS”. Many communities look to their government and institutions to assume these roles. Mr Feld notes that the very nature of governance and structure necessary for successful institutions generally preclude them from taking the high risk of failure many of these initiatives face. What is a normal course of daily life for entrepreneurs simply can not be tolerated in institutional settings. Not a criticism, simply an astute observation of reality. Mr Feld uses the term “FEEDERS” to describe large corporations, government and institutions. Leaders lack resources, Feeders lack entrepreneurial freedom. The magic of an Innovation Community results when we capture the synergy that comes when LEADERS collaborate with FEEDERS. The mission of Tech on Tap is to facilitate the connections in our Innovaton Ecosystem resulting in ever expanding opportunities for collaboration with exceptional outcomes.

  • More than a dozen Innovation Leaders give their time, talent and most importantly their entrepreneurial passion to our mission of building our Innovation Community

  • Our institutional collaborators are the names you know like the Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville and University of Southern Indiana. They feed our leaders by contributing their resources in support. Many of our Innovation Leaders find their day jobs with these institutions.

  • Our business collaborators know a strong Innovation Community drives innovation in its businesses. Innovation Communities retain and attract the workers with highest potential to help build world class businesses. Our Business Feeders often spawn our Innovation Leaders and bring their resources in support of building our Innovation Community.

  • Leader or Feeder - join us in building our innovation community


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